09 Mar 2015

A question about : 2010 Volcanic Ash Cloud Compensation

I'm extremely confused so please help.

On this site, there was a template letter to use to claim for cancellation/compensation which I used for Easyjet.

After a long wait for a reply, they have said I am not due compensation due to 'non-extraordinary circumstances' i.e. bad weather. What is going on?

Best answers:

  • Have a read in this sub forum which deals with EU261 compensation, which is what you are after.
  • Probably best having a good read of the FAQs too
    EU261/2004 compensation is only valid if the delay/cancellation was within the control of the airline
    If this was related to the ash cloud then they are correct that compensation does not apply. Unless your flight was only affected as a knock-on, eg flights were all back running except your one
    however - the airline still has a duty of care so you can claim for reimbursement of meals / accommodation etc whilst you were waiting assuming that they did not provide this....if they did then the last place to look for payment is to see if your travel insurance covered anything in these circumstances
  • Compensation has never been due from the airline if the airline can demonstrate that the cancellation/delay was a direct result of something outside their control such as weather / ATC etc
    Did your travel insurance pay out anything?
  • Nobody should be able to claim compensation for this.... Why should a private company have to pay out to people because a volcano went ape sh*t?
    When the price of my annual holiday increases, I'll know to thank the claimants.