09 Mar 2015

A question about : 12-24 weeks pregnant (part 4)

so, this is a continuation of our old thread which can be found here:

This thread is for all ladies (or partners of ladies) who are 12-24 weeks pregnant.

Welcome everyone!! title=Jumping

Best answers:

  • *** DO NOT DELETE - To update this list, quote the post and remove the quote boxes ***
    Recent graduates (who are still welcome !):
    Mrs_T_M - 24th February
    Pington - Twins 8th March (expected 14th Feb)
    Bubblepops - 21st March
    Carrot34 – Twins 25th March
    Always_alone – 27th March
    Tilly_dreams – 28th March
    Current list:
    Danielley – 1st April - 20 week scan 12th November
    x_missymoo_x - 7th April
    Princess Kate - 8th April - 20 week scan 18th November
    Millysg1 - 8th April - 20 week scan 24th November
    Trixsie1989 - 14th April - 20 week scan 28th November
    Aunty-Pickle - 15th April - 20 week scan 26th November
    georgie262 - 22nd April - 20 week scan 2nd December
    gayleygoo - 22nd April - 20 week scan 3rd December
    Phoenix01 - 25th April - scan first week December
    ( Downhillfast's OH ) - 3rd May - 20 week scan 19th December
    Angelmommy - 6th May
    Bezzyk - 7th May
    Jediquigley - 8th may - 20 week scan 17th December
    Janed9388 - 17th May - 20 week scan 29th December
    RingToBe - 30th May - 20 week scan 8th January
    hippihaz - 2nd June - 20 week scan 14th January
    krustylouise - 5th June - 20 week scan ?21st January
    ashtray heart - 6th June - 20 week scan 26th January
    wendz86 - 5/8 June
    lemonmelon - 13th June
  • A shiny new thread, good job Aunty-Pickle scary, I've only got one more week in it
  • missymoo, you are more than welcome to continue to lurk here - it's safer here anyway!!
    how are you doing Mrs T_M?
  • I just thought id have a look at the other thread, to prepare myself, but its very quiet over there. No one posted anything on that thread for 3 days.
  • you're best off just staying here then milly!!!
  • There's quite a few of us who would be moving around the same time so maybe we'll all just carry on posting but on the big girl thread! I'm 24 weeks next Wednesday! Gone so fast!
  • I've not even braved looking at the next thread yet even though I'm 28 weeks! Keep coming here instead!
  • lol Pington!
    As Princess Kate said, hopefully around New Year there will be a fair number of us who can all move up together so it won't be as scary!!
  • Come and join us on the next thread ladies - it's far too quiet!
    We may be huge, but we're not scary
  • Thanks for the new thread auntie pickle :0)
    Dh felt baby move for first time last night which was exciting, can't wait till ds can feel baby, he hasn't got the patience to keep his hand still for long enough at the moment.
    20 week scan for us next week. Did anyone film their nhs one on a mobile? I'm not sure if this is allowed
  • Mrs_T_M - glad everything is ok.
    Timeflies, I'm sure you are all very lovely ladies and not at all scary - it's just the rumours we hear about what happens to you ladies 15 or so weeks after joining!!!
    jedi - there are signs up in our hospital saying no recording equipment is allowed during the scans and I would have thought that is pretty standard.
  • There were the same signs up at my 20 week scan snout not being able to record scans.
  • hi downhillfast! How are you and DW? Has her sickness eased? Hope so.
    Hope everyone else is ok.
    We bought our Christmas tree yesterday - bought it from Ikea so we were given a Ј20 voucher to use in Jan/Feb which will be useful. Thinking of getting the Antilop highchair and lots of muslins/ cloths etc.
    Project "Christmas Decorations" starts this afternoon - OH got all the boxes down from the loft this morning!!
    Does anyone have snow?
  • I have heard a lot of good things about the antilop highchair. We had a big one from mamas and papas, nice highchair but quite bulky and hard to clean.
    No snow here but we are near London.
    Got 16 week appointment tomorrow. This was the point we found out something had gone wrong last time so feeling nervous about it. Also worried as I won't quite be 16 weeks they won't check heartbeat and then i will worry even more. Midwife is lovely though so i'm sure will be ok.
  • Hiya...room for a little one?
    had my scan today and they placed me at 13 weeks so moving on over here...EDD is now 22nd June rather than 28th but we shall see!
    Bubba was all over the place today...such an amazing feeling, started off upside down and ended on a headstand lol...now just patiently waiting for morning sickness to go away...it is horrid
    Looking forward to chatting to you all over the next few weeks xxx